ICFS-Plus: Actuarial Software for the Property and Causality Insurance Industry

Dr. Daniel Tokarev

  • Ph.D. (Mathematics - Monash University)
  • LLB (The University of Melbourne)
  • Dip. Mod. Lang. (The University of Melbourne)

Dr Daniel Tokarev holds a PhD in Stochastic Processes from Monash Univesity as well as a Law degree and a Diploma of Modern Languages (he speaks Italian and German fluently in addition to his native Russian) from the University of Melbourne. He has published papers including single author papers in leading Probability and Statistics journals and has lectured extensively in undergraduate and Honors courses in Mathematics and Statistics. Prior to commencing at Insureware, Daniel held positions as a Research Fellow and Lecturer at Monash and Melbourne Universities. In his spare time, Daniel is an avid photographer, loves the outdoors and Zen meditation.

More specifically Daniel has experience in the following areas:

Statistical analysis and Computing:

  • Leading research and solution of some problems in reliability analysis
  • Leading research and solution of optimal population composition problem (SLOSS)
  • Statistical consulting and hypothesis testing for clients in Biology and Pharmacy
  • Time Series analysis including best linear predictors for ARMA models
  • User of SPSS, Mathematica, Tex and Photoshop


  • Delivered courses of Mathematical Analysis, Statistics and Probability to undergraduate and Honors students.
  • Supervised a number of Honors students


  • Collevecchio, A. Garoni, T. Hyndman, T. Tokarev, D. The worm algorithm for the Ising model is rapidly mixing. Preprint.
  • Tokarev, D. From extinction to reproduction in Simple Branching processes. Preprint.
  • Klebaner, F. Tokarev, D. A generalisation of the fractional linear Braching process. Preprint.
  • Tokarev, D. A generalisation of the Descartes’ Rule of Signs.  Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, Volume 91, Issue 03 / December 2011, pp 415-420
  • Tokarev, D.  Borovkov, K. On the expectations of maxima of sets of independent random variables, Statistics & Probability Letters, Elsevier, vol. 79(23), pages 2381-2388, 2009.
  • Hamza, K. Jagers, P. Sudbury, A. and Tokarev, D. The mixing advantage is less than 2. Extremes 12, 19-31 (2009).
  • Tokarev, D. Growth of integral transforms and extinction in critical Galton-Watson processes. J. Appl. Probab. Volume 45, Number 2 (2008), 472-480.