ICFS-Plus: Actuarial Software for the Property and Causality Insurance Industry

Internationally Acclaimed

ICRFS-Plus™ is regarded as the best by the best

"As ASR we have used ICRFS-Plus™ for almost two decades now. It has become the most valuable tool in all our actuarial practice regarding P&C business. ICRFS-Plus™ and its underlying methodology provide an excellent basis to perform our Liability Adequacy Testing, Pricing Reviews, Early Warning and Portfolio Value Assessment. Moreover, the cash flows resulting from the stochastic modelling on the level of Lines of Business as well as on aggregate entity level (taking into account the impact of diversification) are essential in the new Solvency II world to quantify the Capital requirements. ICRFS-Plus™ is the sophisticated software needed to understand your business."

See also the written reference here.

Henk Jan Prins
Senior Actuarial Advisor (now Retired 01-Sept-2013)
Financial Risk Management
ASR, The Netherlands

The most important things that ICRFS does for me are:

  • Its fast to input, model and get results. We work to tight timetables.
  • I need fewer employees because it does so much quickly and easily.
  • I like the way it calculates and produces reserve variation taking account of observed correlation between lines of business.
  • Because it's a parametric system the parameters show features of the claims that traditional ratio methods cannot.

A full reference is available here.

Dean Dwonczyk
Chief Actuary
Catalina Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd

"I have been particularly pleased with the recent advances in data organization, model optimization, and reporting. It allows me to perform easily any depth of analysis that I need; from simple examinations of data plots to rigorous model building, and everything in between. Also, as a long time user of ICRFS, I continue to be impressed with the constant improvements that ICRFS has undergone over time, so I am confident I will stay up-to-date."

Ed Ford
VP and International Actuary (retired 2014)
Liberty International
Boston, USA