ICFS-Plus: Actuarial Software for the Property and Causality Insurance Industry

ELRF™ Best's Schedule P

A.M. Best Company Offers Access to Insureware's ICRFS-ELRF™ Software
with Best's Schedule P Data

A.M. Best Co., a global provider of insurance industry financial data and credit ratings, has added access to Insureware's ICRFS-ELRF™ software using Best's Schedule P data to its product offering. The combination of A.M. Best data with the specialized software from Insureware adds value by facilitating effortless access to information in a structured database and providing statistical tools for performing loss reserve analysis at various levels of segmentation.

A.M. Best customers will soon have access to ELRF™ Best's Schedule P, the ICRFS-ELRF™ (point and click) software that has been pre-loaded with Best's Schedule P data - including Net (20x10 and 10x10) arrays, at no additional charge beyond the cost of purchasing the Best's Schedule P subscription from A.M. Best.

ELRF™ Best's Schedule P also pre-computes a number of triangles and risk metrics such as reserves held, and survival and loss ratios. Data can be sorted by the additional risk metrics as well as by standard categories. The suite of analytic tools includes most of those that are widely in use by actuaries, both deterministic and stochastic, including Mack, other regression formulation of link ratios with bootstrap, Murphy and extensions thereof.

For more information on purchasing a subscription to Best's Schedule P from A.M. Best and obtaining ELRF™ Best's Schedule P, please contact:
sales@ambest.com, or
+1 908-439-2200 Extension: 5311

If any modeling support is required for a particular segment by any A.M. Best client, Insureware can provide this support on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact Insureware at info@insureware.com for more information.

What does ELRF™ Best's Schedule P deliver?

Structured access to Best's Schedule P data

  • Fast access to Schedule P long tail liability lines and related financial data, including for the Industry;
  • Critical financial information at your fingertips such as
    • Reserves Held;
    • Total Earned Premium;
    • Total Loss Ratio;
    • Survival Ratios;
    • % IBNR; and
    • Relative loss ratios (company vs industry) and relative survival ratios (company vs industry).

Prior to opening any triangle groups or doing any calculations!

  • Sort companies by any metric or combination of metrics;
  • Classification variables can be created as needed
  • Data are provided in triangle format (along with any premium/exposure vectors);
  • Companies can be analysed singly or jointly;
  • Any aggregation of companies can be performed within the ELRF™ Best's Schedule P system;
  • All available Schedule P triangles including:
    • Paid losses;
    • Case Reserve Estimates;
    • Incurred Losses (not including Bulk and IBNR);
    • Bulk and IBNR;
    • Premium;
    • Number of Claims Reported; and
    • Number of Claims Closed.

  • Additional triangles (where they can be calculated):
    • Reserves Held (CRE + BULK and IBNR); and
    • Ultimates Held (Incurred Losses including BULK and IBNR).
  • All data are accessible offline

The ELRF Best's Schedule P database.