ICFS-Plus: Actuarial Software for the Property and Causality Insurance Industry

New functionality in ICRFS-ELRF™ 11 include the following

ICRFS-ELRF™ 11 is scheduled for release in February 2014.

  • Text descriptions can be associated for any database object (datasets, models, etc) within triangle groups.
  • Currency is now a system variable and currency symbols are now respected.
  • The bootstrap functionality for ELRF is extended to provide output similar to PALD (but based on bootstrap samples not parametric distributions). Distributions are available by accident year, calendar year, and total. Value-at-Risk and Tail-Value-at-Risk are also calculated. The sample can be shifted to the ELRF model mean or any user defined means by accident year. This module provides another diagnostic to determine whether link ratio methods are appropriate for the data.

Calculate bootstrap sample distributions from link ratio models (no trend or intercept).

ELRF Bootstrap Table by accident year

ELRF Bootstrap Table by accident year

Obtain sample distributions by accident year or calendar year - including VaRs and T-VaRs.

Distributions from the ELRF bootstrap sample centered around the bootstrap mean (left) or model mean (right).

ELRF Bootstrap Simulations

ELRF Bootstrap VaRs and TVaRs by calendar year

ELRF Bootstrap VaRs and TVaRs by calendar year

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