ICFS-Plus: Actuarial Software for the Property and Causality Insurance Industry


ICRFS-Plus: innovative statistical solutions for long-tail liabilities!

It's time for a scientific approach

ICRFS-Plus™ is a high-powered analytical and data management system.

Designed with the P&C actuary and senior executives in mind, results are delivered in seconds.

Insureware's flagship statistical software is for those actuarial departments that need to:

  • know where the company's long-tail liabilities are heading;
  • come up with creative solutions to new or unexpected challenges;
  • deliver accurate and timely metrics for senior management; and
  • qualify and mitigate model risk.

Extensive risk metrics in ICRFS-Plus™ for multiple LOBs allows companies to:

  • Understand the drivers of past experience and foresee their effects on future metrics;
  • Grasp the complete perspective of multiple liability streams;
  • Calculate data driven correlations, risk diversification and Solvency II risk metrics;
  • Gain strategic advantages over competitors.

Data, models, forecast scenarios, notes, and links to reports are all stored within easily navigatable ICRFS-Plus™ databases. The software is small-footprint, intuitive and graphic, very fast and rapidly implementable enterprise-wide.

Single composite models for multiple lines of business measure volatility in each line and the correlations between them enabling the computation of the Economic Balance Sheet, Solvency II; and other statistics.

Solutions are developed for:

  • Reserving and pricing (underwriting),
  • Assessing risk: reserve, underwriting and combined (reserve + underwriting) risk,
  • Risk capital allocation,
  • Estimating correlation and risk diversification credit,
  • Monitoring trends and responding quickly to new trends,
  • Solvency II and related risk capital calculations for long-tail liabilities,
  • Designing optimal reinsurance programs (prospective and retrospective) for insurers and reinsurers, and
  • Modelling multiple lines, segments, or layers.

ICRFS-Plus™ incorporates powerful data and information management facilities: COM automation for importing data from any other database, and a database management system capable of handling thousands of triangle groups within which numerous triangles and models can be stored. Importing Best's Schedule P data into an ICRFS-Plus™ relational database provides a wealth of information.

Unique, innovative modelling frameworks:

  • Multiple Probabilistic Trend Family (MPTF)
  • Probabilistic Trend Family (PTF)
  • Extended Link Ratio Family (ELRF)
  • Link Ratio Techniques (LRT)
  • Aggregate Link Ratio Techniques (ALRT)

New features introduced in version 2016 include:


  • 32-bit and 64-bit(*) versions of the system are now available.

(*) 64-bit version is anticipated to be released in Q1/2017.

Database and Graphics

  • SQ Lite replaces MS Acess as the default single-user type of database.


  • Calendar year standard deviations and CVs are now calculated.


  • Simulation of the Variation in Mean Ultimate (VMU, also known as the Claims Development Result (CDR)) has been added.


  • Various COM functions added and improved

View a full scale demonstration of ICRFS-Plus™ here