ICFS-Plus: Actuarial Software for the Property and Causality Insurance Industry

A.M. Best Schedule P data stored in an ICRFS™ database

A.M. Best Co., a global provider of insurance industry financial data and credit ratings, has added access to Insureware's ELRF™ software using Best's Schedule P data to its product offering. Read more...

This new Schedule P database has more information in it than ever before, such as Net (20x10) and Gross (10x10) arrays and new database values for sorting, including survival and loss ratios.

The ELRF™ Best's Schedule P 2014 database has over 34,000 Triangle Groups and has been compressed for download from our servers.

Good news for ICRFS-Plus™ subscribers

You no longer have to run the importing script to take the data from the A.M. Best CD-ROM to an ICRFS-PLUS™ database!

Already an A.M. Best Schedule P subscriber? Simply log in to BestLink Online or BestLink for Excel and select the link to ELRF™ Best's Schedule P 2014. Once installed, simply open the installed database in ICRFS-Plus™ and you're away!

Not an A.M. Best Schedule P subscriber or want to use ICRFS-Plus™ technology on A.M. best Schedule P data? Read more here on what information can be extracted from this valuable resource.

What does ICRFS™ Best's Schedule P deliver?

Structured offline access to Best's Schedule P data - Gross and Net

  • Fast access to Schedule P long tail liability lines and related financial data, including for the Industry;
  • Critical financial information at your fingertips such as
    • Reserves Held;
    • Total Earned Premium;
    • Total Loss Ratios;
    • Survival Ratios;
    • % IBNR; and
    • Relative loss ratios (company vs industry) and relative survival ratios (company vs industry).

Prior to opening any triangle groups or doing any calculations!

  • Sort companies by any metric or combination of metrics;
  • Create classification variables as needed;
  • Analyse companies singly or jointly;
  • Calculate aggregates of any Companies or Lines of Business within the ICRFS-ELRF™ A.M. Best Schedule P 2013 system;
  • Data are provided in triangle format (along with any premium/exposure vectors);
  • All available Schedule P triangles have been imported including:
    • Paid losses;
    • Case Reserve Estimates;
    • Incurred Losses (not including Bulk and IBNR);
    • Bulk and IBNR;
    • Premium;
    • Number of Claims Reported; and
    • Number of Claims Closed.

  • Additional triangles (where they can be calculated):
    • Reserves Held (CRE + BULK and IBNR); and
    • Ultimates Held (Incurred Losses including BULK and IBNR).

The ICRFS-ELRF A.M. Best Schedule P 2013 database.

ICRFS-Plus™ probabilistic trend family modelling frameworks

Insureware's proprietary analytical tools can be applied to any Schedule P triangle.

Probabilistic Trend Family

  • Identify trends in the three directions (development year, accident year, and calendar year), along with the volatility around the trends;
  • Find models that quantify all the trends in the data;
  • Compare loss costs for different companies;
  • Obtain complete reserve distributions;
  • View distributions by accident year and calendar year;
  • Compare trends in the paid losses, case reserve estimates, and number of claims reported; and
  • Much more!

Multiple Probabilistic Trend Family

  • Create one composite model for a whole company or group of Lines of Business;
  • Measure correlations and risk diversification credit from the data;
  • Compare your company with your competitors or the industry;
  • Investigate reinsurance effectiveness;
  • Compute Solvency II metrics; and
  • Much more!

Case studies, including Tower Group, are available here.