ICFS-Plus: Actuarial Software for the Property and Causality Insurance Industry

ICRFS-ELRF™ 10 Training Videos

The Training Videos give you a guided tour of the product’s functionality that includes modeling a number of triangles.

If for any reason you are unable to view the training or demonstration videos, please contact our support staff at support@insureware.com and we will arrange to send you a copy of the videos on CD-Rom. You will be able to run the videos from the CD.

ELRF Training Video 1

Some of the database functionality is illustrated including the management of triangle groups. Another classification variable is added to the database. A new triangle group is added to the database manually.

The Link Ratio Techniques (LRT) module is used to model a number of arrays and compared to estimating link ratios using regressions through the origin in the Extended Link Ratio Family (ELRF). Addition of an intercept and a constant trend down the accident periods for each development period is motivated through a number of studies.

For a particular array the ELRF module informs the user that average link ratio techniques produce answers that are much too high (for this array). A more appropriate model is then designed that has features more in keeping with the properties of the data. Flexible report creation is also shown.

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ELRF Training Video 2

More advanced features are demonstrated and discussed. Assignment of zero weight to either years or individual observations and removal of those weights is illustrated.

It is shown how to estimate different models for different pairs of contiguous development periods. Assessing the quality of the model using diagnostic tools and discriminatory statistics is described.

A new link ratio estimator that we call volume squared weighted average is introduced and is shown to be better than any other weighted average for many data sets.

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