ICFS-Plus: Actuarial Software for the Property and Causality Insurance Industry

ICRFS-Plus™ Users' Group

Communication between ICRFS-Plus™ users can often add real value to everyone's experience of using the program. If you think that sharing information, education, ideas and examples with other users would be beneficial for you and your organisation, maybe you'd be interested in forming an ICRFS-Plus™ Users' Group?

Insureware is always keen to help you get started. We can put you in touch with the appropriate people, and can provide you with a range of useful training materials and interesting datasets. We can answer any questions or concerns about ICRFS-Plus™ that the Group might raise, and we can even arrange for a member of the Insureware team to attend Users' Group meetings if desired.

An ICRFS-Plus™ Users' Group isn't just about improving the skills of its members. It's also an invaluable source of information for our software development team. It gives us a better idea of the problems users actually face in their daily work, and the kind of features users would like to see in ICRFS-Plus™. This kind of communication between Insureware and its clients helps us to develop a program that really meets the needs of its users.

If you're interested in discussing this matter further, please don't hesitate to contact Insureware.